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PetersBurg Va July 5th 1864

Dear Wife and Children

I Seat  my Self this evning to Rit  you a few lines to let you now that I am well at this time hoping that these lines may Reach your kind hands and fine you enjoying the same blessing you Rote to that you would like to hear from me and now whether I was killed are not I can in form you that I am spared yet by the good will of god we have bin in the brest works about one Month we are in them yet and I dont now when we will git out soon are not tha are fighting every day we have lost killed and wounded in this Company 6 men 2 killed 4 wounded it Seems like god is on our Side the balls tha whistle by our eares you Rote that it Rained Somutch that you Could not git to work your corn it haint Rained to say Rain in 6 weeks hear & gardens is Runing hear it tis mighty hot hear if this fight Comes of Soon and this Company lives and dont git wounded nor killed tha are coming home you Rote to me to Come home and save the wheat I cant Come I would like to Come home and See you all once  more in this life and See my Sweete littel baby I do hope and pray to god to live to git home to See it it seemes like god has blessed every  thing that I have prayed  for and I do hope that he will bless me to live to git home to See that littel Babe when I think of hit it seems like it will kill me are brake my hart you Rote to me that you had a mess of potatoes the Sixteenth I want you to tell mother houdy for me and tell  her that I am well I have to Rite so fast that I dont  now whether you can Read  this litter are not I haint Slep one good night Sleepe  in two month I have to work  are Stand gard are picket every night I am very nigh broken down it Seems like god has bin with me are I could not Stoo up to hit I want you to pray for me and tell all of my friends to pray for me I pray for you and my littel Children to Spare your lives and Sustain you and thim in this life I want you to Rite as soon as this Comes to hand and Rite me all of the newse I have Seen Corn as high as I could Reach you Rote that your Corn looked very well and your sweete potatoes looked very well you dident Rite whether you had planted any tobaco are not fare well Dear wife

F.M. Poteet to his  loving Wife M.A.E. Poteet

god  bless you is my prayer


Source: Poteet-Dickson Letters, North Carolina State Archives and as found on www.ncecho.org

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June the 16 1864

Dear husband I cant get no  person to cut my wheat the  men says that they dont know what will be don with the wheat for there aint men to cut it and if I dont get Mine cut me and the children will be bound to suffer I would  like for you to show this to your Capt and tell him if he pleases to let you come home a few  days the first of July to take Care of it for me I have about 8 bushels sowed and no person to cut a straw of it it rains so much that we cant get to work the corn scearsley and the Mare has had the distemper and scurvey but is better now I had her bled and I want to know what to do with hink  Must I kill her this fall I hav  tried to swap her for a cow that gives Milk and I cant I dont get a drop of milk and I haint got but a few pounds of meat times is very hard hear and I am afraid that the worst haint come if this Cruil war dont stop I would rather know that peace was Made than to own Mcdowell County it would be moor satisfaction I haint got no money I sent 30 dollars off by Higgins to get new money and I haint got it yet and no person haint paid me that was owing you and I dont know what I will do Come if they will let you

M.A.E. Poteet to F.M. Poteet

God bless you


Remember me in love and I  will you Farewell dear Francis


Source: Poteet-Dickson Letters, North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh and found on http://www.ncecho.org.

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Mcdowell Co N C

April the 7 1864

My Dear husband

I seat My self this Morning to write you a few lines to let you know that we are only tolerable well we have very bad colds I am so hoars that I cant hardly talk and sis has had the Croup this week but I do hope these few lines May reach your kind hands and find you well I haint had no letter in two Weeks I would be glad to hear from you I have got 2 bushels of sweet potatoes and planted them. I planted 7 & 33 hills and I have to pay 100 dollar per bushel I haint planted Corn yet I want to plant next Week if it dont rain last week somebody stold two of Allens horses and left two old poor no count ones in there place and last Monday Night some body stold 20 peices of bacon from him [illeg] the rest Joints last Monday  all the Men was ordered from Camp Vance to Ashville they say that the yankeys can come here at any time they please but they dont want to come for there aint any thing to come for but a parcel of half perished women and children  half of my time I dont have nothing for breakfast but Cornbread and bran coffee it is hard living but I hope it wont be so all ways I cant buy one mouth full of nothing to eat and thread sells for 3 penny weights of gold for a bunch and I cant get non I hav fifty cents in confederate salt is one dollar a pound they have quit keeping goverment salt at the X roads I give three dollars old state Money and two confederate dollars for 8 lbs of salt how I am to get along God knows I dont

they are looking for Marion Higgins home and I will try and get him to take you somthing to eat I am sorry I could not send you somthing before now but you know that I would if I could I have had a many a tear about it I aint able to bring it My self and I cant get no person to take you somthing to eate and if I was able to come I dont think it is a place fit for women except it be in case of sickness then I would come if I had to beg my way to you I want to see you very much but I cant come to you but I hope that your head  man will let you come to me before long you must do the best you can put your trust in God fear not what man can do they can but kill the body but fear God that can kill both sole and body pray for me dear husband that my life may be spard to take care of my little children for I  am in a helpless condition no one to look too for help but God alone but he is able to save all them that put there trust in him I trust in him and I try to pray for you my self and our little children and for peace so that you all can come to your friends but if I see you no moor in this world I hope to meet you in heaven where we will be separated no moor but if it is Gods will I would be glad to see you in this life May God bless you and save you from harm and danger is my prayer farewell  M. A. E. Poteet to her loving husband F. M. Poteet farwell my dear Francis  please gard give this to my husband


Source: Poteet-Dickson Letters, North Carolina State Archives as found on www.ncecho.org.

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August the 7, 1861 Yorktown VA.

Dear Brother I again take the opportunity of trying to Rite to you to let you know that I Received your kind and loving letter in dew Time and was glad To here from you all and here that you was all well I would have Rote soner But I have bin sick for 3 weekes & was very low When I Received your leter & I am bad of yet But I do hope and pray that I may git well And live to return To my desolate famley onst More there is about half of our Company sick at this time and some of them is Bad of there was One of our Company departed this life last knight And it is to Be hoped that he is gone to rest where there will be no Battles to fight nor no lamenting to git home But where all is Well he was a young Man by the name of harrison avry a son of James avrys ** And I think he was a good boy & herd some of our men Say this morning that they thought he was prepared To dye as To fiting We hant had nary battle sense the battle at Bethel Church all of our men has Gone down there know But our ridgment gineral Mcgrooder has tuck 10 thousand men down there  And is agoing to attact newport news this is The Morning that he was to Make the attact But we hant herd from them to day it will be asevear attact for they ar well fortyfide there I think our men will tak it But they will lose many of ther men they left here the other day with John and Brach hmhills Brother he dyde here and they tuck him home I want you to give John hemphill houdy for me tell him that I would be glad To Se him tell old ant Cate hemphill houdy for me I am so weake that I Cant hardley setup to Rite But I will try to give you alittle histry of the battle At Manases Junction on sunday the 20 of July they had apourful Battle there they fit one hole day they only kiled about 5 hundred of our men and wonded about 4 or 5 thousand our men kiled 7 or 8 thousand of the yankes & wonded 15 or 18 thousand of them We whipt them Badley and tuck every thing they had the say when they did Retrete that they run over one another & women & Children and kiled lots of them selves I supose the like never was knowd in the world our men got about 70 peaces of Canon & 20 thousand stand of armes And 500 wagons & teames besides thousands of other things they say what they got from the Enemy was worth one Million & ahalf of dollars If I made no mistake in reding your letter I think that you said that mother said if she had Somebody to Come with her that she would Come To se me I would give this hold world if I Could Just se her Coming But that I never expect to Se tell My Dear old mother houdy for me if I Could se her this morning I dont know what I would give I still try to pray that I may live to git home onst more to se you all But it is doutful about that tell Mr Walker that I send him houdy and my best love & Respects tell him to Remember me in all of his prays give Mrs Satterwhite and famley houdy for me and all inquirn friends tell Gorge & gemima houdy for me tell them that I think they Might Rite to me I would rite to them But I so mutch riting to do for our boys that I hant got the Chance tell mr alen that I hant forgot what I ow him & if I live to git back I will pay him give him my respects Columbus & Joseph Williams is well it mity Bad to be sick here for there Is nothing to eate that asick man Can eat We ar looking for thomas walton & others here today mary Rote to me that she was going to send me abox of Aples & Cucumbers & unions she would send me Somthing that I Could eat But she hant the Money to git it with nor I Cant no money to send To her We hant got no Cent of our wagers yet they Ow us about 40 dollars each know if could some of it we Could by somthing that we Could eat here But it would be hye to pay ther prices Afew lines to Marthy it made proud to think that you put up your potisions in my behalf Marthy I do hope and pray that they war herd and ansurd in haven I also try to pray for you all as well as I know how there is aheep of wekeedness going on here But thank God I never have have pertuck with none of it nor I never intend to as long as I live let that be long or short I want you to beshure to Rite sone as this Comes to hand If we should live to se that time Role Round We will be disbanded the 13 of november in Raleigh

So nothing more at present only Remanes your loving Brother till Death

So farwell Peter Poteet to F.M. Poteet

And famley Mother and all inquirnes friends

 Source: Peter Poteet to Francis Marion Poteet, Aug. 7, 1861, Poteet-Dickson Letters, 1861-1902. PC 1825, North Carolina State Archives, Part of the NC Digital Collections:  http://digital.ncdcr.gov/u?/p15012coll8,2122

 ** Cornelia McGimsey writes in her letter on August 21st that she attended Harrison Avery’s funeral in her letter to her beau Lewis Warlick.  That letter will be on the blog later this month.

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