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26 Wednesday [February 26] PM

Hurrah! For the General. He’s a bully boy – We had two of the Navy to dine to day – and they got to discussing war & politics; and the General came out top of the heap – because he had the right on his side – Commander Rowan is for a monarchy, don’t believe the Government can ever be reunited on it presents basis. Capt Case think it will. The General don’t think at all, he knows it   it is what he is fighting for, and what he will fight for to the end – he believes we are in the right, and that an overruling Providence guides the whole affair—“Bully for him” – This morning while we were waiting on the dock for news from the fleet that had been sent to Hatteras to bring up the remainder of our forces, a boat load of boxes, barrels, trunks & c came up along side; as one of the men approached the General I thought he looked like someone I had seen. They proved to be a committee from the Sanitary Commission – with delicacies for the sick & wounded – I noticed the name of “Woolsey” on the Trunk, a lady’s trunk – think I now here comes “Sarah Woolsey” – I went off with the General & thought no more of it, till late in the evening, while I was looking around the camp, I went into their tent & after alking with them, discovered one of the two was a Mr Woolsey, who had come out on his own account, and from pure love & Sympathy for the unfortunate. He is a son of Rev Charles Woolsey & own cousin to Annie & the Wooster St Woolseys, & to the Winthrops – We sat down & talked over our friends; and I hope to find in these two rather more congenial Spirits than in the rest of our company. They are from the Young Mens Christain ass. — & Dr. Tyngs church – We made them very comfortable & they seemed to be surprised to find they were to receive any attention – The General delights in aiding any work of the kind – Yesterday he gave orders for a building to be put up at “Fort Reno” or Camp Burnside,” where all the Contrabands could assemble and be taught by the Chaplains & such of the Soldiers as Should choose to volunteer their Services – There is a Mr. [illeg] on Genl Parkes Staff, a cousin of the [Redmans] of Orange, & ho I think I have seen with them: he is a very pleasant, Gentlemanly fellow, and as I have not yet heard him swear, I hope to cultivate him still more. We have walked & strolled around together a good deal, & I hope he will prove a good fellow –

Source: Daniel Larned Papers, Library of Congress, Transcribed from original by John Barden for Tryon Palace Historic Site & Gardens

*** Daniel Larned was General Burnside’s Private Secretary for most of the Civil War

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