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Monday Feb 24 1862


Dear Sister – After dispatching our mails yesterday at 2 pm. I went out to walk and laid round loose, generally – as the general said I had done enough for one while. During the evening I was lying down listening to the conversation of the 3 Brigadiers, when one of our Staff came in from Hatteras Inlet, bringing word that the wail was below, but would not be up till morning; he had scarcely said the words when Capt Loring made his appearance – fresh from N. York. Of course all was hullabaloo, in a moment, he handed me the Staff letters, and I distributed them putting Several in my own pocket, he also brought several late papers – and the excitement grew more & more intense every moment, as one after the other read item after item of news, confirming reports that we had previously heard, but did not credit – When is was announced that Genls Pillow Johnson & Buckner were among the Prisoners taken, Such a yell from all in the room I never heard – it almost equaled the yell of the Zouaves at the taking of the Battery on the 8th.  Buckner was an old friend & business associate of Genl Burnside’s, and he has often spoken of “Simon” – This morning I took a boat & went on board our Steamer, the “Alice Price” & ran down to the “E.S. Terry” Some two miles down the harbor, & got the Express matter & private Stores; when I saw my name with the familiar writing of Uncle & Henry, I said – “That is my property.’   “is this Mr. Larned” said one of the clerks. I replied in the affirmative. “We have a great many packages for you Sir” and began to hand out “great box, little box, band box & bundle” I have decided that you intend to make me distributing missionary which office I respectfully [!] decline – The mail & most of the packages were brought on shore, and if you could see the gay & happiness in our old hut to day – it would compensate you for all the trouble you have been at in forwarding these things – every one says —
how many letters did you get” and each one gluts over his own – the wind is blowing a perfect hurricane, so that we can do nothing in the harbor & the day is given up to reading the papers & letters from home – every bed and there are six in the room is covered with the papers & bundles & the floor is strewed, all read aloud at a time.  The General receives long letters from his wife, and the big tears drop as he reads them; he also received her photograph, I wish others were as thoughtful.**  My ½ barrel is on the “Alice Price” and I shall go on board & open it as soon as it calms down, also the bundle of reading matter – the Sack containing books & c with a box of cigars, was brought on shore and opened. I am a thousand times obliged for all. When I announced the contribution to the private stores—I was cheered, patted on the back, & almost lifted on the Shoulders. I told the General quietly first & he was delighted & expresses many thanks I am in good favor with them all but this makes them think I am “some pumpkins” – I will defer all thanks till I open the other boxes & then do it all in a heap –


Source: Daniel Larned Papers, Library of Congress, Transcribed from original by John Barden for Tryon Palace Historic Site & Gardens

**General Burnside

*** Daniel Larned was General Burnside’s Private Secretary for most of the Civil War

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